-Know On What Are Our Working Terms Before Getting Started !!

Our Terms And Conditions page showcases All Terms Of Our Work We Want To Inform All Information To Our Clients Transparently To Avoid Any Problem With Our Clients In Future And Because We Believe In Quality Work And Good Feed backs.

Digital Marketing Terms And Conditions

We Are Preparing Digital Marketing Terms And Conditions.

Website Development Terms And Conditions

1. After Delivery Of Website There Will Be Only 4 Days For Testing And Changes And After 4 Days We Don't Accept Any Changes ( We Are Open To Do Changes But After 4 Days Of Delivery Extra Charges Are Applicable For Changes) .

2. We Will Finalized Design Once In Very Detail And Clearly And If You Have Any Custom Demand Or Want To Give Reference You Can Give Us And We Are Gone a do Work On that And You Can Not Do Any Changes In Your Requirement Till Delivery And If You Want To Add Any Thing Else In Design Or Want Do Test And Trial Of Different Design Then It Can Be Done But Their Are Extra Charges For It .

3. According To Your Requirement We Gone A Prepare A Dedicate Quotation With Details That What We Goning To Do For You And All The Services And Points that Gone A Include In It Are Final For That The Amount That You Are Gone A Pay Is Mention In Quotation And In Between The Work You Want To Add Any Thing Else It Can Be Done But Extra Charges May Applicable And It Depend Upon What You Actually Want .

4. Amount That We Have Finalize In Our Quotation After Discount And Negotiation Is Final And After Starting Work You Can Not Ask For More Discount .

5. Before starting the work we are going to send you a final proposal in which the deadline and all the services we are going to provide you and all other things will be written in details along with the price and payment terms and we will ask you for your final Will accept .

6. You will have 2 days to pay the balance amount after successfully done changes (if their is any problem like family problem, business problem, banking problem then you can pay after few days but reason should be valid should) and if you don't pay the balance payment then we will take down your website after informing you .

7. Payment Condition: You Have To Pay 35% Amount In Advance And 35% When 50% Work Is Done And 30 % After All Final Changes Are Done And Delivered Successfully .

8. When You Use Your Own Hosting :
(a) All development work will be done in our hosting and after final changes and final payment we will transfer it to your hosting .
(b)If there is any Manipulation happen with the website's file and it goes down then we are not responsible for it because it is your own hosting and it is up to you who you have given access to, but we gone a re-upload website file again but we can not recover data and we will give you tips to save your hosting from any problem if you follow them there will be no problem .
(c) Speed Of Server Is Not Our Concern Because It Depends Upon Your Hosting .

9. When You Are Using Our Hosting :
(a) You Can Buy Hosting From Us According To Your Needs .
(b) Security Of Website Files And Data Is Our Concern No Need To Worry .
(c) Good Server Response Time .
(d) We Are Gone A Send Expiry Warning Before 15 Days Of Date Of Expiry . ( It's Mandatory To Pay Before 5 Days Of Date Of Expiry Otherwise We Are Not Responsible For Any Type Of Data Loss )


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